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ThermoFlash LX-26E 
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Thermoflash LX-26 EVOLUTION
Infrared thermometer WITHOUT CONTACT
Totally revolutionary

Perfectly simple to use, it reads the body temperature instantly and without contact. Thermoflash is particulary efficient for taking the temperature of newborn babies and very young children.

From a distance of around 5 cm, all you have to do is point it towards the forehead to read the temperature shown on the LCD screen.

As there is no contact, you can immediately start again and again and as many times as you wish to take the temperature of other family members without having to disinfect or change the tip.


Worried about the Baby's temperature when he is asleep ?
Check as often as you want, without waking him.
Thermoflash can also be used to verify the baby's bath or bottle temperature.

See this object into 3 Dimension (Animation flash) >


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